Catalogue of innovative products and techniques

Within the One Stop Shop project, an inventory is drawn up of innovative products and execution techniques, dealing with ambitious energy renovation. The objective of this inventory is to demonstrate the newest possibilities available or emerging on the market, and to ‘trigger’ the thoughts and interest of contractors and designers, and as such stimulating innovation in the practice of execution and design.

Besides stimulating innovation in practice, this inventory also allows to exchange knowledge and innovation between different regions, and to identify certain trends and options for further development.

The identified ‘innovations’, gathered by the different project partners in each country, are structured as a ‘product catalogue’, with a one-page-per-product or –technology lay-out. This allows for use of this document as a ‘trigger of thoughts’ when a contractor browses it.

It is important to stress out that:

- The content of the individual pages is mainly based on publicly available data and information coming from producers. The authors have composed the forms with care, but not all info and data could be verified in detail.

- The forms are meant to provoke thoughts and interest to further investigate certain technologies, and to ‘open the mind and view on current practice’. Careful attention should be paid to local circumstances and additional considerations (such as long term performance, state of validation, …) when wanting to apply a certain technology.

The general structure of the ‘catalogue’ is divided into 2 parts: Enevloppe improvement & Systems (incl. accessories: tubes, shafts, wiring, radiators, ...). Below you can find the forms by clicking on the group name.

If you want to suggest an additional product for the Catalogue, we kindly invite you to provide us with the necessary information, by filling in the Form Template and sending it to Jeroen Vrijders.

For further information, please contact Jeroen Vrijders

Note: This Catalogue is conceived as a stand-alone-document, but forms part of a larger work package within the Eracobuild One Stop Shop project. Further analysis, guidance and conclusions on the Innovation Forms can be found in the One Stop Shop WP1 report.