Project partners

Project coordination:

Irena Kondratenko
Passiefhuis-Platform vzw
Gitschotellei 138
2600 Berchem
Tel: +32-(0)3/235.02.81


Project partners:

PHP, Passiefhuis-Platform, Belgium, non-profit organization.  Coordinator of the project Contact person: Johan Cré
  BBRI, Belgian Building Research Institute, Flemish, private research institute Contact person:Jeroen Vrijders
Segel AS, Norway, consulting company Contact person:Trond Haavik
DTU, Building Physics and Services, Denmark, DTU Civil Engineering Contact person:Svend Svendsen
VTT, Finland VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Contact person:Satu Paiho
VCB, Vlaamse Confederatie Bouw, Belgium (Flanders), federations of constructors. Partner for the Flemish case-study Contact person:Geert Matthys


This project was funded by IWT (PHP & WTCB), NICE (Segel & DTU) and TEKES (VTT) in the framework of ERACOBUILD.